Quad rings nearly have the same sealing principle as the O-ring sealing. However, they provide less friction than the conventional O-ring and there is no spiral twist. It eliminates the tendency to roll in the groove. The sealing is achieved by the diametrical squeeze in a right angled groove. The system pressure creates a positive sealing force.

Application of Quad rings

Quad rings are popular due to the large range of applications it can be used for e.g. reciprocating dynamic or rotary applications. For all applications that require operation under low pressure and low temperature conditions, quad rings are favorable.

The advantages of Quad rings

  • The quad ring has a high stability for dynamic applications, which is the most important feature of the quad ring. Instead of rolling in the groove and creating torsion, quad rings will slide with no negative outcome.
  • In comparison to the O-ring, Quad rings have deeper standard grooves. Therefore, the diametrical squeeze is lower and is it suitable for dynamic sealing with reduced friction.
  • The quad ring has more sealing capacity due to the four lobes. Next to the four lobes it has a groove for lubrication. This is important for dynamic sealing.
  • Quad rings are more resistant to spiral failure in comparison to  O-rings.
  • The temperature range of quad rings is between -50 and +200 degrees Celsius or -60 and +400 degrees Fahrenheit


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