VALQUA No.7233

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 VALQUA No.7233

For corrosive fluid valves

This coil packing is manufactured by treating PTFE fiber strands with a PTFE dispersion with subsequent plaiting to an angular cross-section.
sConsisting  100%  of  PTFE,  it  is  not  attacked by virtually any corrosive fluid.
sIdeally  suited  as  a  chemical  valve  shaft  seal handling corrosive fluids.
sUse the following lubricant oil treated products  for  applications  requiring  a  low torque and gas-tight sealing properties.
No. 7233 (O): For general gaseous fluids.
No.  7233  (SO):  For  combustible  gases  and low-temperature  applications  such  as liquefied gases.
No.  7233  (FO):  For  combustion-supporting fluids such as oxygen and ozone.

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